On Monday, the Snake River Council President Bret Belnap announced The Boy Scouts of America Ore-Ida and Snake River Council will official be merging the two councils to create the Mountain West Council.

The merger, which was approved by the councils’ boards, will help create a more effective service model in the region and help continue the mission of Scouting in southern and central Idaho for years to come.

“A lot of people thought that with the LDS church leaving that Scouting was done for and gone and it is not,” Belnap said. “We will as a new council have approximately 2,700 youth and 130 units. So a very strong council.”

According to a press release regarding the announcement, the 130 Units will span from Burley to Burns, Oregon. Belnap also said there are currently five new Scouting locations in the works.–567528551.html

Once these councils merge, the merge of Ma-I-Shu and Tukarica Lodges will follow.