Early discount for Conclave ends August 1st!  If you have not registered for Conclave, do it now!  Make sure you complete all the steps for registration.Beginning August 1st, the cost for Conclave will raise to $59.00 for Arrowmen.  Scouts that are elected as a Candidate will remain at $44.00.  All steps are required to be fully registered for Conclave: Conclave Fees, Workshops Registration, and BSA Health form. 

Arrowmen with Special Dietary Needs that need to have food substituted at Conclave, fill out the Dietary Needs form on the Conclave page. 

Arrowmen with interest in competing in the Powwow or Ceremonies need to fill out those as well before Conclave.

Any Arrowmen interested in running for Section Office, need to fill out the Section Office application and have it completed with the proper signatures prior to Conclave.