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Conclave 2020

September 11-13
Tifie Scout Camp, Mt. Pleasant, UT

2020 Section Chief

Max Wolfe

Max is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of El-Ku-Ta Lodge.

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Section W-2W News

Philbreak 2020

Have you planned your spring break yet? If not, sign up to join the Order of the Arrow during Philbreak as the Order performs cheerful service at the BSA’s premier high adventure base!

Snake River & Ore-Ida Councils Merging: Mountain West Council


On Monday, the Snake River Council President Bret Belnap announced The Boy Scouts of America Ore-Ida and Snake River Council will official be merging the two councils to create the Mountain West Council.

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ACT Conference

The ACT Conference will help lodges Adapt to face major challenges, Collaborate with their peers across the section, and eventually Thrive and become high performing. The leadership theory and pedagogical techniques employed in the course reflect the current best practices in teaching and learning as described in the appropriate literature.

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Join Our Conclave Staff!

We are seeking Arrowmen to join our staff for our 2020 Conclave.  It takes many people to organize and plan a Conclave, so we need you!  There are many positions to fill and each role is important to ensure we have a successful event.  Fill out the application below to join a Conclave committee/crew and view descriptions of each committee. 

Conclave Discount Ends August 1st!

Early discount for Conclave ends August 1st!  If you have not registered for Conclave, do it now!  Make sure you complete all the steps for registration.Read More